Deadly Atari 2600 Score (Darth Vader Edition)

On my lunch hour on Friday I was sifting through a local second hand store when low and behold, crammed onto a shelf cover by a VHS tape rewinder and a busted up Dora the Explorer plug-&-play game was a dusty clump of wires and plastic. On closer inspection it turned out to be an Atari 2600 with the AC adaptor and two joysticks. It was in pretty rough shape. I took the picture below with the flash on, just so you can see the dust and grim in it’s totality:

Rough and dusty Atari 2600 Darth Vader model

I have been on the look out for a working Atari 2600, and I have always thought that the Vader model (nick named as such for the console’s resemblance to Darth Vader’s helmet) was the most bad ass looking revision. I was totally not willing to pay the amount it sells for in local video game stores or online,  mostly because I basically want one around as a curiosity.

$9.99 is exactly as much as I was willing to pay, so I snapped it up. This thing was in a state of extreme neglect,but I could tell it was in pretty good condition even under the thick layer of dust. I took the console apart, gave the case a good scrubbing in a sink full of warm soapy water and gave the board and carts slot a once over with rubbing alcohol and compressed air.

The beast came through to the other side looking fantastic. I picked up a coax f-plug adaptor (and some games) from Replay Games and fired her up with my fingers crossed. Sure enough, my new Atari works flawlessly, and in fact has the clearest picture (I am talking perfect connection) of any Atari I have ever owned. Suffice to say I sank some serious time into Missile Command and Dig Dug. Awesome


2 thoughts on “Deadly Atari 2600 Score (Darth Vader Edition)

  1. Great score! For $10, you really couldn’t go wrong, especially since it works. Makes me want to connect my 2600 Jr. and play some Donkey Kong. :)

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