Chasing Carts: All Zelda CIB (Update #6)

This is a reoccurring feature here were I provide updates in my quest to own all of the Zelda games complete-in-box. Play catch up on my progress by checking out my flagship entry, the first update, the second update, the third update,  the fourth update , and the fifth update.

I am pretty pumped about this latest Zelda find. One of the Wii’s launch titles was the fantastic  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I got my copy on launch day and played the shit out of it. In all of the hype and excitement of the Wii’s launch, the mirror image version of Twilight Princess that was launched simultaneously for the Gamecube was kind of lost in the shuffle.

My wife and I actually had the Gamecube version pre-ordered over a year before it came out, way back when the release date was supposed to be November 2005. After it was delayed and the Wii version was announced, we switched our pre-order to the Wii version.

As it happens, the Gamecube version has become pretty sought-after and also fairly pricey while you can find a copy of the Wii version for under $15 easy. I picked up this copy of the Gamecube Twilight Princess at a local second hand store for $25; a pretty righteous steal, considering it’s pristine condition. Killer.

Even though these figures don’t count toward my Zelda CIB collection, I thought they were pretty rad and deserved a mention. I picked these up at a local comic book store, Comic Readers. They come in these plastic eggs, like toys that you get out of vending machines in the middle of a shopping mall. These are both figures from Phantom Hourglass… not my favourite game, but the figures are cool regardless.

Also warranting mention is this lunch box set that my dad picked up for me for 99 cents at a junk store.

It has all the stuff inside as far as I can tell. It contains a Twilight Princess disk book and a couple Wiimote and nunchuk skins. For free I will always take anything Zelda always

Oh boy… this list is starting to become more and more manageable. Let us cross another one off, shall we?

The Legend of Zelda (Classic Series version, grey cart) (NES)
The Adventure of Link (Classic Series version, grey cart) (NES)
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Gameboy)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Regular version without holographic cart)(N64)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess(Gamecube)
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)


3 thoughts on “Chasing Carts: All Zelda CIB (Update #6)

  1. That’s about how much I picked up mine for too.

    What’s funny is I found my Twilight Princess lunch box at a TJ Max while my wife was shopping but it didn’t have any of the inserts. I always wondered what was in it.

  2. One little thing, the game that was mirrored was the wii version because most people being right-handed and link is you know left-handed

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