It’s-a-me… in a magazine!!!

Few months ago Stuart Hunt from Imagine Publishing contacted me regarding my copy of Punch Out Special for the Famicom (better known as Gold Punch Out). He wanted to know if I wanted to be interviewed for the Collector’s Corner feature in GamesTM, and sister magazine to the absolutely amazing Retro Gamer.

Stuart sent me the interview questions via email, and I sent back my answers and a bunch of pictures of my cart-only copy of Punch Out Special, along with a few pictures my wife took of me with the cart in-hand.


Fast forward a month and a half and my copy finally arrived in the mail. This is definitely as high point in my sub-career as a video game obsessed weirdo, so I plan to savour this for a while. Who said print is dead?

If you to pick a copy up, it’s issue 121 of GamesTM. I am not sure where you can get it in the US (I believe Barnes and Noble), but in Canada you can get it at Chapters/Indigo stores. Or you can go to the GamesTM website and order a copy direct from the publisher.

GamesTM is honestly a really solid magazine. They cover modern games, as well as retro and even arcade games. The magazine is put together with the same skill and quality as Retro Gamer (and we all know how awesome that is). I recommend picking GamesTM up on a monthly basis, because there just aren’t many magazines left that put the care and dedication into video games that Imagine Publishing, Retro Gamer and GamesTM especially, provides.


11 thoughts on “It’s-a-me… in a magazine!!!

  1. Wow, congratulations on the recognition. You couldn’t pick a better publication to be printed in. Looking forward to my copy arriving even more now. Saskatchewan represent!

  2. Nathan could try to arrange a contact with Stuart Hunt es well? As you know i have for Super Famicom Box the pss-64 cart as well as a Wohle room only Stuffed with my Videogames…Retro …Would appreciate in you could arrange contact.
    Best Regards, i think you still have my Email address… :-)

  3. Nathan, as it Seems there will be an article about me and my Pss-64 Super Famicom Box cart as well :-)

  4. So finally i am in Games tm issue 124 with my Super famicom Box cart pss-64 :)

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