Spring Time Deadly Gets!

Spring is in the air and awesome games are all over the place for those who are willing to look hard enough. I personally find spring to be one of the most fertile times of the year, finds wise, because people seem to get infected with the desire to get rid of junk. One man’s trash is another man’s mint copy of MUSHA. No, seriously.

MUSHA (GENESIS) – Okay, we are starting off here on an almost untouchable high, but this is too good to bury in a finds post. A few weeks ago I was at a salvation army thrift store on a Saturday afternoon with a few friends, just killing time. I was checking out the VHS/CD racks, as per usual, when I noticed a whole ton of SEGA Genesis games- and good ones, too- not just the usual crap. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the spine for MUSHA, aka one of the most sought Genesis games.  The best part of this whole thing? The cashier charged me for a VHS tape ($0.99) rather than a misc. video game ($4.99). So yeah- that’s a mint MUSHA complete for 99 cents. Best find in history? Quite possibly.

Robotrek (SNES) – If you’ve never heard of it, Robotrek is a highly under appreciated role playing game released by ENIX for the Super Nintendo. Yes, it’s kind of basic, short and simplistic… but the angle of having to build and maintain robots that you use as your battle party is pretty unique amongst the game’s contemporaries. On top of that, the game carries with it a certain Earthbound-esque charm. Don’t be confused- this game is a piece of shit next to Earthbound. That being said Robotrek has tons of personality, and a little personality goes a long way.

Aliens: Infestation (DS) – From the marvelous brains at WayForward comes the best game to use the Aliens franchise since Konami’s 1990 coin-op. Aliens: Infestation is so good that the story was even made canon. Think Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, only you play as colonial marines searching a derelict vessel infested with aliens. This game is 100% awesome. This was a late release for the DS, so you can still find it new in most well stocked retailers. Pick this one up before it disappears. It is the real deal.

WaveRace Blue Storm (GCN) – Let me preface this by saying that after playing WaveRace Blue Storm, I am really upset that I missed it when it was new. I am not the biggest racing game fan, but the multiplayer alone is worth the price of admission on this game. I was never really into WaveRace 64, but I did play the classic GameBoy original quite a bit. WaveRace stands as yet another example of a series that Nintendo has completely forgotten about this generation. I personally think WaveRace could have been a fantastic multiplayer experience on the Wii, but what the hell do I know? I am only one of the people that buys video games.


8 thoughts on “Spring Time Deadly Gets!

  1. The MUSHA find is epic! That is exactly why I always check the thrift stores. I also liked Blue Storm but I haven’t played it since it was new…. I’ve also been meaning to get a copy of infestation.

  2. That MUSHA find is beyond amazing! I hope you picked up those others games too :) I traded for MUSHA years ago and I’m really glad I did. It is an excellent shooter.
    I have a DS and some how I never heard of Aliens: Infestation! Thanks for the heads-up. I’m going to check it out. When you compared it to Metroid and Castlevania my jaw hit the floor. How could I have missed this? Thanks Nathan!

  3. Awesome! WaveRace! I was going through my parents attic while looking for some of my old video games and ended up coming across my game guide for WaveRace. I was surprised when I saw how mint it still was! Awesome finds you have there.

  4. […] price, even if the games are kind of mediocre.  I actually picked these up the same day that I got the greatest find in the history of my video game collecting career. Not a bad bonus to a mint MUSHA, if I don’t say so […]

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