Dream Fulfilled: Me in Retro Gamer Magazine!

Last week I came home for lunch and found a Retro Gamer sized envelope in my mailbox, which I found kind of odd because I had yet to order the latest issue.

Sure enough, the envelope contained the latest issue of Retro Gamer. Still puzzled, I began to flip through the issue. On the first page there was probably the greatest sticky note I have ever seen:

A 3.5″ diskette styled-sticky note?! That is awesome. With my excitement piqued, I followed the advice of the sticky note’s mysterious  author and turned to page 24, where I was greeted with this:

A profile of the Famicom game Akira that I submitted to Retro Gamer over a year ago, beautifully rendered with a glorious selection of screen shots from the game’s phenomenal intro and my profile picture, write-up and personal details.

Retro Gamer is without a doubt my favourite magazine, and definitely the only magazine I buy religiously. Every issue is a beautifully designed and extremely well-written love letter to retro videos games. Seriously, if you are a fan of old video games pick this magazine up… you will not be sorry.

As you an imagine, appearing within the sacred pages of my favourite magazine has left me buzzing with excitement. Appearing in GamesTM (a sister magazine to Retro Gamer) was pretty amazing, but this… this will be hard to top.

What’s kind of funny about this article is that I go on about how Akira is the greatest Famicom game I’ve never played, due to the fact that it is a point and click adventure game completely in Japanese. Low and behold, just last month a patch that translates the entire game into English was finally released. Trust me, I have already ordered my reproduction cart and will give a full report here once I get through the game.

I highly suggest you start picking Retro Gamer up, because it is written for people like us; the hardcore appreciator of old video games. There isn’t much in print out there dedicated to retro games, and certainly not crafted with the love, passion, and respect that seeps from the pages of each issue of RG. Retro Gamer is published in the UK, but in the US you should be able to find it at Barnes and Noble and in Canada you can get it from Chapters. Or go online and buy direct from the publisher. Just get it. You’ll thank me the first time you flip through an issue.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Stuart Hunt, Features Editor at Retro Gamer, for sending me out a copy. Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Dream Fulfilled: Me in Retro Gamer Magazine!

  1. Too cool!! Retro Gamer is an awesome mag, but being that it’s from the U.K., it’s pretty pricey here($1.99-$13.99!). I only own one issue, and that’s “The History of Zelda” one. The original Zelda is my favorite(the rest of the series is great as well, but you already know that :) ).

  2. Congrats, I have a few old issues at home that the company I worked for a few years back was planning to throw away… (they were getting a few free magazine from various editors). I saved them and ended liking them quite a lot. Retrogamer is now out in France as well but the price is crazy and the content is more or less a sum up of the past UK issues… not as nice.

    Any place you’d recommend for the repro card ? I own the japanese version as well but I’d be more than happy to finaly play it in english hehe.

  3. The magazine is so awesome, I’m so glad I decided to get a subscription :)

  4. I have the Zelda issue with the gold cover :) had to pick it up as soon as I saw it!

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