Retro Video Game Domain Collection

If you are a regular reader here, you’ll notice that this is a little bit off the beaten path… but it still relates to old and rad video games, so bear with me.

Over the last number of years I have managed to amass a pretty respectable collection of domain names that are related to video games. I don’t know what my compulsion is, I suppose that it is pretty cool owning an awesome domain name, and I seem to search every couple months, and you’d be surprised at what I have locked down.

In addition to,, .org, and .info all come to this site.

The following list is all domains I own which redirect to Video Games Are Rad:

I know!!! How cool is that??!!!

I also own (goes to a place holder page) (VGAR’s sister JRPG archive) (my personal web portal) (redirects to

Not bad. I wonder what I will find next? Too bad JUNKER.everything is taken…


5 thoughts on “Retro Video Game Domain Collection

  1. Domain squatting is shitty enough but to brag about it takes it to new levels of fuckery.

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