Retro Never ‘Felt Sew Good’

Video games have become a cultural touchstone for the generation of kids who grew up along side them. No longer regarded as a kids toy, video games have truly broken through, and are at the forefront of mainstream popular culture. They have had incredible influence on everything from fine art to Hollywood, and whenever something becomes really popular, there are throngs of people who begin investigating the roots of the phenomenon. Perhaps this is why retro gaming’s stock has been steadily rising for the last 5 or so years.

Every once and a while, when something is booming, you get an industrious soul who uses their talents to create something truly special… I am not talking about video games mints or t-shirts here, I am taking about true passionate art… whether it be the jaw-dropping fan-made Mother 3 handbook, video game controller soap, or handmade retro video game cushions.

Lucy from Felt Sew Good has a stellar array of retro gaming related cushionry. Seriously… did you see that SUPER Nintendo controller up there? That kicks every ass in the galaxy.

Lucy’s soft wonders ain’t just little neck pillows. They are enormous.

That’s a great big slice of awesome. Pictured above is Lucy with her cushions; Game Boy, European style SNES console, Famicom, NES, and SNES controllers.

I would seriously consider checking out Lucy’s website and picking up a few of her cushions while you still can. They are just too awesome for words. Check out the thumbnails below for more pics of her retro video game cushions!


3 thoughts on “Retro Never ‘Felt Sew Good’

  1. I think I’m in love. Maybe some day she could become my nerd queen…..

    Those NES Controller pillows are awesome. I’m disappointed Japan and the EU got the cool SNES Controllers. Here in the States we got dark purple and lilac colors. EPIC FAIL. Their snes design was also closer to the Super Famicom original, we got a giant rectangle.

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