More Deadly Gets!

Continuing with my string of recent finds, here are some more that I scored over the last few months… Again, in no particular order.

Die Hard (NES) – You may remember this from my post a few weeks ago; this is the Die Hard I turned from shitty to spiffy. This game is not nearly as bad as the AVGN made it out to be, and can actually be pretty fun once you master some if the games shortcomings. I hold fast that the Commodore 64 version is far, FAR better.

Syndicate (Genesis) – The Bullfrog PC classic on your home video game console! Okay, so it has quite a bit cut out of it and the controls are borderline impossible to figure out without the manual, but the Genesis version does a good job of taking the mission based gameplay and cyberpunk atmosphere of its PC forefather. Much like Shadowgate, the Genesis version of Syndicate is not exactly better than the Super NES version of the same game, but a different animal completely. Recommended for William Gibson fans.

Dynamite Batman (Famicom) – This little beauty from Sunsoft was released in North America as Batman: The Return of the Joker. As is the usual case, the Japanese got the better release. Aside from having an awesome title, the JP version comes in an amazing little plastic clamshell case. I really like the artwork on the Famicom release as well, but we got pretty deadly cover art ourselves. Unfortunately the core game play remains; if you are going to make a game this hard, you need to have precise control. Unlike Sunsoft’s masterful adaptation of the 1989 Tim Burton flick, the controls in the game sequel feel sloppy and it’s overall design rushed and unpolished.

Battalion Wars (GameCube) –  To be completely honest, I know nothing about this game. I was a big fan of the Advance Wars for GBA, and I have heard nothing but good things about Battalion Wars. I have not had a chance to play this yet, but I scooped it up off Ebay for $7 shipped, so I now have it for later. Smart of me, I know.

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Super Nintendo) – I used to have this game, and then I sold to buy other games. I always regretted it and have been biding my time, waiting for a nice looking cart to pop up at a reasonable price. Well, that time has come. I only paid about $34 for this, so I was more than happy to add it back into my stellar SNES collection. If you have never played either of the SNES Lufia games, then why are you still reading this? Get them. Now… and no emulators, either- that’s cheating.


One thought on “More Deadly Gets!

  1. Lufia is awesome :D That opening sequence was crazy the first time I played it, and even now still gives me chills :p I also have the second one, well the prequel and it’s awesome too

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