It’s a Fantastic Game, but…

This is a price sticker that I was removing from a copy of Animal Crossing I picked up at a local thrift store. The sticker is from an EB Games (owned in Canada by the lovely assholes at GameStop). What really baffles me here is the original price. $69.99 for a GameCube game? Circa 2001? That is total madness. Adjusted for inflation, even though the game is only 11 years old, that price jumps to $86.34!

I purchased Animal Crossing in the summer of 2001 for my girlfriend (now wife), although it soon dug it’s adorable claws into me just as deeply, but I certainly don’t remember paying $70 for the game. I thought that 1st party GameCube games were all priced at $54.99… But I guess not?


4 thoughts on “It’s a Fantastic Game, but…

  1. it was a pretty good price when it came out considering it came with a memory card. Your post is now obsolete. srry.

  2. It came with a tiny sized memory card that was basically only good for Animal Crossing and nothing else, and was a touted as a “bonus”, not an extra expense. thus, your comment was not only uninformed, it is actually obsolete.

  3. I used to live in Canada, video game prices were slightly higher than in United States. I remember buying AC when it first came out, I think I paid $50, in Canada was probably about $60 due to dollar amount. I think right now its about the same. Great blog! : )

  4. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I seem to remember paying 59.99 for it I think. And one thing about first party Nintendo titles is that the price NEVER goes down.

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