Deadly Gets – July 31st

Super Advantage (Super NES) I have been looking for a Super Advantage for a few years, and they just have never seemed to show up in the wild in my area. Sure, I could have purchased one from eBay, but these things are heavy as hell, and shipping to Canada is pretty expensive as it is. Finding someone who is willing to ship a package of such weight is rare, and when you can find a willing seller the shipping is more often then not more than the Buy It Now price on the item itself. A few weeks ago I came across this little beauty in my local video game mecha, Re-Play Games. Naturally I snatched it up without hesitation. It was worth the weight. See what I did there? *taps top hat forward with cane, bow tie spins

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Super NES) – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a bracket below my age demographic when the show reached a fever pitch in the early 90s, that not with standing the Super Nintendo game is actually a pretty great side scrolling single plain beat-em-up. I picked this cart up for a song at a local thrift store the same day I got my Super Advantage. They make a great combo.

Gargoyle’s Quest II (Famicom) – This game came to me, hand delivered straight from the land of the rising sun by my good friend Vince. I must say, if you can get past the slight language barrier this is actually a pretty excellent, although difficult little adventure platformer. I may try in the future to pick a copy of the NES version, if I can find one at the right price. Hope, hope.

B.O.B. and PacAttack (Genesis) – I picked these two up at a local thrift store for $0.99 each. I cannot pass up a minty fresh complete Genesis game for such a great price, even if the games are kind of mediocre.  I actually picked these up the same day that I got the greatest find in the history of my video game collecting career. Not a bad bonus to a mint MUSHA, if I don’t say so myself.


3 thoughts on “Deadly Gets – July 31st

  1. That Super Advantage is pretty sweet! I have never seen one in person, but would like to get one at some point. Seems like you get some pretty nice scores from Re-Play! :)

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