Repro Madness: New Ghostbusters II

There are only two Ghostbusters games worth playing. One is an excellent SD platformer released for the SEGA Genesis simply titled “Ghostbusters”, and the other never came out in North America.

Hal Laboratories, the studio behind Kirby, Mother, Earthbound, and Super Smash Bros. (to name a few), developed a little slice of heaven for the Nintendo Entertainment System called New Ghostbusters II. Unfortunately for us North Americans, the video game license for the Ghostbusters was the exclusive property in North America of *shudder* Activision. As a result, PAL territories and Japan got the best Ghostbusters game ever made, and we got Activision’s atrocious Ghostbusters II.

Thankfully, the advent of online stores specializing in video game reproductions has made huge strides in righting the wrongs of the game industry past. This game, nay I declare, work of art, was released by TimeWalk Games, a company that creates some very fantastic reproductions.

New Ghostbusters II lets you pick from all five Ghostbusters (yes, even Louis Tully is a playable character). The game has a 3/4 down perspective similar to The Legend of Zelda. You play as one Ghostbusters, with a second trailing behind you. The A button shoots your energy beam, which you can use to freeze ghosts, spooks, and spectres in place. The B button makes the second Ghostbuster throw the trap. The whole trick of the game is to safely isolate the ghosts that litter the screen and successfully trap them. When an area is cleared of all the free roaming vapours, you get an arrow that indicates where to go next.  The game is pretty difficult, especially towards the end, but if you manage to figure out the best way to clear each area, then you can fly through the game.

Not just satisfied with pumping out carts with custom labels, TimeWalk throws in all the bells and whistles; shrink wrapped box, full color manual, and often times custom colored carts and fold-out posters. This limited edition of New Ghostbusters II comes in an “ecto-green” cart, and features an manual, poster, and even came with an official Nintendo branded dust sleeve.

I have played through the game a couple times now (on easy, via the secret options menu) and I must say that I am very impressed with the level of detail and care that was put into the entire package. I can certainly say that I will be ordering from TimeWalk again.



2 thoughts on “Repro Madness: New Ghostbusters II

  1. I’ve spent some time with the Japanese version of this game (via emulation), and I, too, came away from those experiences impressed. Really too bad we missed out on an official release here in the US, but it’s nice to hear we’re getting it now in an unofficial capacity :)

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