Righteous Finds and Deadly Gets

I got a big-ass package straight from Japan yesterday, so I have a hunk of new stuff to show. The choice bits of the package will pop up in their own separate post next week, so I first present to you most of the rest of the stuff:

Ice Climber (Famicom) The classic Nintendo arcade-style classic. You never have more fun climbing frozen mountains and beating seals and birds to death with a mallet, I guarantee that. The cart was actually in pretty nice shape and the inclusion of the manual is a nice little bonus.

Lode Runner (Famicom) Personally, I am more of a 3D Lode Runner type of guy, but this inventive little plaformer is not without its charm. Again, cut from the same cloth as many early Famicom titles, Lode Runner is an arcade style score-chaser that looks kind of ugly, but that drab exterior hides a pretty fun little game. Again, the maunal is pretty awesome. I just wish the artwork on the cart label was as nice as it is on the instruction booklet.

Romancing SaGa (Super Famicom)The debut entry in the SuFami iteration of the SaGa series. Us English speaking fold only ever got the three Game Boy games (rebranded as Final Fantasy Legends I, II, and III) and the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 SaGa games, which is a shame. The Super Famicom games are exception 16-bit RPGs, worth a play-through. Fan translations and repro carts are on online… what are you waiting for?

SimCity (Super Famicom) What can I say? SimCity is still fun, challenging and awesome. I got this for a penny. Yes, that’s right. One American penny. It came with the rest of my lot in a huge box, so shipping was pretty much free. One penny. ONE PENNY!


4 thoughts on “Righteous Finds and Deadly Gets

  1. Nice find with Ice Climber there, I love that cart.

    About Lode Runner, what you actually got there is a Championship Lode Runner cart with an original Lode Runner manual. The original Lode Runner cart is yellow.

    I`m a huge fan of both games. Since you mention it there actually is a version of the Lode Runner cart with that artwork on the label, but its much harder to find than the non-artwork version. I put a pic of the two versions here:


  2. one penny?! that’s sick.. ^_^
    I actually bought the SimCity for Super Famicom recently too, but only the loose cartridge.. and I paid more than a penny :( not much more, but still!!
    Anyway, do you actually play the RPG’s you buy for Famicom or Super Famicom since they are all in japanese? Or do you just want them for the collection and then play the fan translations?

  3. I want to own the original game, not just for my collection but also it feels better when I have a preproduction cart. I just love the artwork on the packaging, especially the Romancing SaGa games.

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