Contest Time! Win Mega Man Legends 2!

“LIKE” this Facebook picture to get in the draw!

I have never really done any contests on this site… until now! How would you like to have a like new, complete, minty fresh copy of Mega Man Legends 2 for the PlayStation? That’s what I am offering up as a prize.

Of course, there is a catch. My wife, Kira, is in a modelling contest for a really cool retro/punk/pinup/rockabilly clothing store called Retrovise. The preliminary round is being decided by Facebook likes on the models pictures. All you have to do to get entered in the draw is “like” the picture. That’s it. Every time I see a new like starting when this is posted I will keep track of the names. At the end of the contest, all the names get thrown into a hat and I will post a video of Kira drawing the winner.

Not surveys, no link jumping, no bullshit. Just “like” the picture at the link below. That’s it.

If and when she gets over 200 likes, the Mega Man Legends 2 will be given away. If the likes go above 250 I will also include a loose copy of Rock Man 5 for the Famicom, a pirate copy of Mega Man “7” for the Famicom, as well as a loose copy of the original Mega Man Legends for PlayStation. The higher the “likes” go, the more awesome stuff I add to the prize jackpot, and winner takes all.

Spread the word, re-post, twitter away, tell your friends! Remember, no prize unless the “likes” get over 200, and the more “likes” Kira’s picture gets, the more awesome the prize becomes.

Like the Picture here: Like Kira’s picture!


4 thoughts on “Contest Time! Win Mega Man Legends 2!

  1. You are a loving family man. Twere I to win, I’d curtly refuse your prize because that’s how much I respect you.

  2. Just liked the photo, and shared it on my FB page. This is a pretty cool contest. And if I win, I\’ll finally have an excuse to buy a Famicom. But if I don\’t, it\’s still a pretty sweet contest.

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