Hold Reset – Retro Video Game Fanzine

Part of the reason why I have not been around here so much lately is due to my involvement in a new fanzine called Hold Reset. It’s basically a collection of pieces written by different video game enthusiasts about awesome video games.

On October 1st we put out our premier issue (Issue Zero), and the responce thus far has been very positve. We are already hard at work on our second issue, and that is scheduled to be out on Dec. 1st.

I highly encourage you to head over to www.HoldReset.org and check it out for yourself. You can download the PDF for free or pay $6.50 and you’ll get a printed copy mailed out to you, stuffed into the envelope and mailed by yours truly.

Next week we get back to brass tax around here with plenty of pictures of and thoughts on old video games. Have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “Hold Reset – Retro Video Game Fanzine

  1. Awesome! How long will this issue be available for? I would like to get a printed copy, but I’m kind of short on funds for a few weeks.

  2. It should be available indefinitely, as we can always print single issues on demand. In The future we plan to publish multiple issues together in larger volumes through Blurb or a similar on-demand publishing company.

  3. kali arhi me ti nea sou douleia komtano. elpizo na min paratiseis to BigBang giati to goustariza poli. perimeno to tsampa antigrafo mou tin triti giati den eho 1 . ta dino ola stis doseis.

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