Deadly Gets! Arcade Stick Edition!

As the title suggests, I have picked up a couple new retro arcade sticks as of late, as well as quite a few other bits of radness.

Here we have a Quick Shot NES arcade stick. When I got this thing it was so dirty and neglected that it looked like there was no possible way it could be in working order. A half hour and several ounces of windex later, this thing looks brand new. After clearing some unknown tar-like goo from behind the buttons and joystick, it plays like its brand new as well. I actually really like this arcade stick; it’s responsive and has suction cup feet that ground it perfectly while playing on a flat surface. A fantastic alternative to the NES Advantage.

The next arcade stick I found was one that I have been looking for for a VERY long time. I have managed to get two 3-button SEGA Genesis sticks in the wild, but the 6-button always eluded me. Until now. I have to say that I am slightly disappointed with the 6-button variation however- it just does not have the same build quality as the 3-button stick. None-the-less, I can now play Street Fighter 2: Special Champions Edition the way it was meant to be played (on the console, at least).

I found this at a local secondhand for for $6 and could not pass it up. The cartridge is in absolutely mint, pristine condition, and I actually didn’t have this game for NES. I have had the Famicom version for ages, but I felt Gradius’ historical significance alone merited its inclusion in my NES library- it being the first game to have the now famous Konami code built in. No matter which console you play this game on, it still rules.

My good friend Vince (who is also among the many co-conspirators on the Hold Reset fanzine) brought this back from the land of the rising sun recently. It’s a mini guide book for Final Fantasy VI. These guide books were put out by Square and were multi-part walk throughs. I already had 2 of the 3 from Final Fantasy III for Famicom, so I knew more or less what to expect. These mini-guides are not only incredibly detailed strategy guides, they also serve as art books as well and include tons of beautiful artwork by resident genius and Final Fantasy illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. I wish Square would extend this type of high quality product across the ocean to us once and a while.

More to come later this week, as well as some exciting announcements!


3 thoughts on “Deadly Gets! Arcade Stick Edition!

  1. That guide book is awesome! I spent so many hours on that game, it would have been cool to have a guide :)

  2. I can’t say no to Mega Drive arcade sticks and I too have been without a 6-button one for far too long. That 6-button one looks pretty sturdy and looks similar to the 3-biutton Power Stick, so I’m surprised to hear it’s of lesser build quality. I hope I find one soon as all of the 6-button controllers I have are broken in some way.

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