Famicom Densetsu


A few months ago I was asked to become a part of RetrowareTV.com and contribute a bi-weekly column. Since the breadth of my love for the Famicom knows no bounds, I decided to do a Famicom-centric series and try to build up a body of work that perhaps one day will serve to explain my love to Nintendo’s quirky 8-bit machine. Five articles in, and things are going fantastically. John, Lance, Norm and all the guys over at Retroware TV have been nothing but supportive and nurturing in their assistance and guidance.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 9.16.02 AM

You may have heard me talk about Retroware TV before, because I have been a fan for a long time. I reviewed their season one DVD when it came out way back in 2008, and again with season 2 in 2009. They have frequently been a part of my old year in review posts (200820092010), so I think is pretty safe to say that I am bit of a super fan. I have number one of both the season 1 & 2 numbered DVDs, and I have the accompanying postcards framed in my game room.


Basically what I am saying is that writing for RetrowareTV.com, actually being a member of the staff there, is pretty fantastic and a high I still have not come down from. So please head over there every second Monday and check out my babbling about obscure Japanese video games? While you’re at it, go everyday and read everyones articles… because the guys RWTV have assembled one of the most talented groups of retro video game writers this side of Telebunny/Gamespite.

Direct Link to my article series: http://retrowaretv.com/category/features/atrticles/famicom-densetsu/


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