HEY! I’m Nathan (for lack of a better internet handle). I am a huge retro gaming enthusiast who makes my home on the tropical beaches of Canada.

My Turn ons include Vs. Super Mario Bros., the Twin Famicom, and video games made before 1998.

Turn offs include online multiplayer, DLC, and video games made before 1983.

Aside from running Video Games Are Rad, I have contributed my mad ramblings over at Game Sugar and Sega 16 , and currently write for Encounter Rate,  Retrogaming Times Monthly, The Moustache Club of America and Retroware TV. When I’m not waxing intellectual about video games I am usually either playing them or spending time with my wife, daughter, and son.

I can be hassled at


11 thoughts on “Info

  1. Hi, I came across your site via a google result for Retro Gamer Collection 3. I just picked up #4 and I’m looking for the first three issues. The magazine is gorgeous. Can’t justify the cost of shipping from the uk site, but I digress.

    You’ve got a lot of really great games. If you’re in canada, how are you finding all these japanese and pirate products? I’m in Calgary and haven’t seen a sniff of that stuff.

    Anyway, this probably isn’t the place to chat, just wanted to leave a note saying I liked the site.

  2. Sweet site Nathan lookin forward to its growth its defiantly bookmarked. Maybe one day we will see an Atlas/Shin Megami Tensei section ;) keep up the good work dude.

  3. First of all, your site is great. And your turnoffs are spot on.

    Secondly, are you the same Nathan White from Canada that writes for The Hockey News and other sports publications?

  4. Hello! I found this blog a few days ago, and it blown my mind! Why? because I’m a big fan of old school games, I don’t play games a lot, but I do love 8-bit and 16-bit sprite based games, such as Mario, Rockman, Castlevania, lovely RPGs… well, a lot of games! (the ones I played of course)
    I found really inspiring being able to find people that see games as I see them, I’m an artist, and I have a personal project, a story I want to tell (magical, like an RPG) And I’m planning on doing it like old famicom games screenshots at the first stories, something like creating a fake past, and, advancing on the stories, there will be secuels and they will be like being on the next systems, SNES, PSX, etc..
    Well, just letting you know that your site is like an inspiration to me!
    Sorry for my English


  5. Thanks for reading, my friend! Your English is better than most English speakers I have met! I look forward to seeing what becomes if your project. Keep me posted!

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